TOP 6: The Most Original Beds For Pets

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Apart from humans’ bed, dogs have one more favourite spot for sleeping and that’s the place where no one interrupts their sleep, rest ot chewing session. That’s why it’s important for every owner to choose a bed that is comfortable, at affordable price, washable and, of course, pretty.

Not only have we selected items sorted by all of the above criteria but we added a pinch of imagination when it comes to design and usage. Read on and choose your favourite Pet Bed model.

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  1. 1 The Shark House

    Your furry friend will be happy to dozze off in the soft hug of their new friend - the Shark. Even though it looks a little bit ruff, the Shark is equipped with a soft cushion inside that makes this bed a first class retreat spot for your dog.

    When coming in and out of his lair, the non-slip bottom guarantees the Shark will stay where it is and won't follow the doggo around the room. Made out of durable high quality short plush & suede, the bed is made super easy for washing and super easy to fall in love with because of its convinience and original design. Ideal for smaller pups and... okay it's suitable for cats, too.

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  2. 2 The Car House

    Wow your guests with this amazing Car Bed for small dogs!

    Your doggo doesn't need a driving licence to travel to every destination they can imagine because sweet dreams are guaranteed when sleeping in this super comfy bed. The removable cushion is so fluffy even you would like to take a nap in there. But that's your dog's territory. 

    Press the gas pedal and have this super cute Car Bed parked in your apartment in one of the several colors available. 

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  3. 3 The House With The Removable Roof

    This is THE pet house for the fans of traditional design. And by traditional we mean the always modern classic design we can't get enough of. 

    The masterly crafted house is not only a snuggled place for your kiddo to have his own time where no one can interfere. You simpy remove the roof and voila - you also have a basket, perfect for daydreaming, chilling, travelling, etc. Removing the cushion from the inside allows you to easily fold and pack it for transportation, making tripping with your four-legged pal a piece of cake! 

    The item comes in fresh colors like green, orange and coffee and it's up to your taste which one will fit best to your interior. Made of 100% cotton and with a huge attention for the detail, there is no doubt that this is gonna be your dog's new favourite spot. 

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