These Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Giants

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Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Giants

While you might think that giant dogs have invaded our planet – or someone was just having a good time with Photoshop, the reality is neither – these perfectly timed images that make dogs look like giants, is simply an illusion. The photos create the illusion of enormous size through intentional or accidental use of mixed distances without clear reference points.

Towering snow-plowed street dog.

dog picture 1

Enormous cliffside dog.

dog picture 2

No doubt that the photographer had to zoom out to fit all of the subjects into this photograph.

dog picture 3

It’s worth noting, however, that Jackson also had a little bit of help from green screens, body doubles and big rigs in achieving that perfectly teeny-tiny Hobbit size.

dog picture 23

Monster dog-eating dog.

dog picture 5

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