9 ways to protect your dog from a heat stroke

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Summer is here and so is our extreme need of cooling down. As much as we love the sun and long for those long bright days, we, hoomans, are in constant search of a chiller place to escape the heat. But here comes something that you must never forget – if you think it’s hot, your dog probably feels twice as hotter. Read on for some pretty cool tips about staying your dog’s truest friend when the temperatures peak:



When the weather gets too hot the obligatory walks twice a day might get dangerous for your pup. That’s why it is highly important to be fully prepared to counteract the heat.  Constant hydration is utterly important for every system during the summer. However many dog owners neglect the need of always having a bottle of water with them during the shorter walks. Apart from the increasing thirst that a bottle of water can quench, it can be a life-saver in case of overheating. Keep in mind that dogs cool down through their paws and belly, so those are the body parts that you should apply cool (but not super cold) water or towel to.



Not even for 5 minutes.

The car might turn into a real death trap if exploited to the sun and neither air conditioning, nor open windows would help.

The temperature arises extremely fast in the vehicle and this can cause your pup to breath heavily with his tongue out. Increasing salivation, rapid panting, dizziness, bright red tongue and a higher temperature might be symptoms of a hyperthermia or a heatstroke.  This is a dangerous condition if not taken care of immediately, so make sure you take him to the vet right away.


Not everyone has an air-conditioner at home but that’s hardly ever a problem if you get creative. Look for the forgotten kids’ pool in the glory hole. This is gonna be a lot of fun for the whole family, we promise! Don’t have a pool? Get a towel wet with very cold water and let your pet lie down on it. He or she is going to be extremely pleased with that feel. Sometimes a good shady spot in the garden where you can enjoy the draught together is more than enough for coping with the heat.

  1. DIG UP!

Truth is – this is a very nerve-racking habit of our beloved four-pawed friends. But don’t get mad. They do it for a reason. Unless they aren’t looking for a deeply buried bone, they are digging holes in the ground because it’s way too cold down there. Don’t be surprised if they lie down in their new “hand-made” summer spot and get all dirty. This is how they do it!
P.S. That’s quite a material for our Instagram puppy gallery, so make sure you capture this funny moment and put #petsagram_world for a chance to be featured.


One of the biggest myths about dog care is having to shave their fur in summer.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Nature has taken care of that by making them change their hair twice a year. So basically in spring our hairy pals get rid of most of their fluffy fur (making cleaning time a real nightmare). Those are the hairs that keep them warm during winter and the ones left protect their skin from sunburn and insulate them against the heat. I guess you can say they switch to a summer wardrobe too!



This is a very tricky moment as there are a few details dog parents should consider before they go family beaching with their pets. Make sure animals are allowed at this beach because otherwise you will have to drive back home and use point 3. of our article. You will have to keep an eye on your naughty pup as no one really likes being covered in sand or sunbathing right next to a poo. Frenchie owners, did you get your doggie a life jacket already? Some breeds cannot swim and literally sink like a rock in a pond. So as well as having to supervise the four-pawed as a newborn baby, their not quite sophisticated cooling system makes them the most inappropriate sunbathing companions.


It’s pretty clear that walks at noon are a foolish choice in summer for both humans and dogs. Early in the morning and after sunset is a good time to get your pet out.

As much as their animal instincts are strong, dogs won’t stop playing because they are hot.

So the beloved game of tossing a ball or a stick should last a little bit shorter than usual in order not to dehydrate or overheat the body.


That’s how your friend might feel putting his four feet on the hot, hot pavement. We are so used to wearing shoes that we hardly ever think about how heated the ground might be. Even though their paws look thick and rough, they are pretty sensitive and they can get easily burnt. So make sure you check with your palm – if it burns you, it would definitely burn them too. Another option is to provide a grass or a shady path.


Actually it’s not that expensive, nor difficult to maintain your pal’s well-being during the summer heat. Fill a 2l bottle with cold water and let the dog lean on it (we did the exact opposite in winter when our dog was just a little meatball and was getting cold at night). The winter clothes might do a pretty nice job if put in the freezer for a while – but not for too long! You don’t want him to catch a cold, do you?

Having a puppy is a lot of fun but a great responsibility as well. However, it’s not rocket science, right? You just need someone to help you with the dos and don’ts and inspire you to get creative!

Leave a comment with any other useful tips for coping with the high temperatures. We do believe you have tried things that haven’t even crossed our mind!

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