9 Of The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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  1. 1 SALUKI ($2500)

    The Saluki looks rather distinguished and it should since it has the honor of being one of the oldest breed of dog in the world. The can trace their lineage back to as early as 329 B.C.  Salukis have even been depicted on Egyptian tombs and were so valued that were often mummified along with their royal or wealthy owner. Sort of a dubious honor, to be honest. They were bred to be sighthounds, meaning they used their keen eyesight to hunt prey. Their long legs allow them to quickly take down foxes, rabbits and even gazelles. Salukis, like other sight hounds, work out alone, since no human can keep up with them. The Guinness Book of World Records claims that they are the fastest breed of dogs and can run up to 42.8 miles per hour! Not only are they fast but also have a lot of stamina as for their heavily padded feet. They tend to be fiercely independent and can be aloof with strangers. Naturally they need a lot of stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored. A Saluki pup can cost you around $2500


    Don't let the name fool you on this one! The Pharaoh hound is not an Egyptian dog breed. In fact, it is the national dog of Malta. The Pharaoh hound has a royal look with an athletic disposition. They are highly intelligent, independent and rare (which, of course, makes them expensive). Fun fact: The Pharaoh hound's nose and ears can blush when it's extremely happy or excited!


    We promise that this creature is actually a dog and not a chupacabra. It is also known as the Peruvian hairless dog. There are different varieties and some actually do have fur but in Peru, breeders prefer their dogs to be absolutely… naked. Incans did love those dogs and even believed that their urine and feces held healing powers. It was also thought that their warmth could treat conditions such as respiratory infections or arthritis. They are lively and alert and often act protectively towards family members, especially kids. To get one of those unique looking dogs you are looking to spend around $3000.

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