9 Dog Breeds That Love Children

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What is the best dog for a family with kids? When you consider adopting a furry friend at home, it is essential for the pet to be able to easily adapt to the environment and make friends with each member of the family, especially your kiddos.

We have gathered some of the most suitable dog breeds for those in doubt which dogs get along with children and are pliable to training.

If you are positive about taking a dog, make sure everyone agrees on the decision and pick the right breed that will make a loyal and harmless friend to your kids.

We have chosen to present only 9 breeds, which is absolutely not enough for the variety of amazing furry creatures that might become a valuable part of your household. So if you have a loving dog, that adores your children and makes a great guardian of your nest, but we haven’t mention it – yes, we agree with you – we need to write part 2 of this article.

  1. 1 Beagle

    The Beagle is an active, cheerful and loving dog, who can play with you and your kids for hours. Keep in mind, though, that Beagles have a super hunting instinct. That’s why you should always keep an eye on the kids (including the furry one) and their game. Moreover, Beagles have a lot of energy to use up, which means you will have to find time for long walks and a lot of playing. If you take good care of them, don’t miss out on their training and pay enough attention to them, you won’t find a better friend and guard for your child!

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