7 Memes For 7 Life Fails

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We all know those moments when you know you are not right, you have lost your dignity due to vodka influence or it’s just something that you do. Neither is fittness something that appeals to everyone, nor will we be ever that good in following our own advice, rather than giving it to others. Scroll down for some more everyday fails and give them a smile. Then, let us know which one has happened to you in a comment below.

  1. 1 Advising others is my super power. Following my own advice is still not my practice.


  2. 2 30 series of 10 selfies with dumbles around


  3. 3 Actually I didn't write that. Vodka did.


  4. 4 I know where you live.


  5. 5 I am ready to eat it all!


  6. 6 I got your butt, human!


  7. 7 Why don't you follow your own rules, huh?


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