15 Reasons Why Socialization Is So Important For Your Puppy

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Imagine your socialization depended on someone. How would you feel if you don’t get enough chance to communicate, have fun or make friends? You would feel miserable, like a hostage. Well, then don’t do this to your puppy!

Read on for some very important behavioral and health consequences of good and bad socialization. You would never neglect it!

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    1. Socializing is the process of getting to know the new environment around and everything in it – people, home, outdoor space and other animals. 

    2. Socializing means facing unknown situations and experiencing unfamiliar feelings – occurrences, which overprotective owners very often spare their beloved puppies.

    3. Well socialized dogs are capable of coping with unexpected situations and keep calm, following the example of their humans.

    4. The natural socialization should happen between the day of birth and a 14-month age. This is the period when dogs are most sensitive to new stimulations.

    5. During the first month, babies are highly sensitive to stress and mother protection is something really important for their future psychological development. This is the time when they mostly communicate with their siblings and their mom. 

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