10 Celebrities That Own A French Bulldog

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  1. 1 Serinda Swan


    Buddha is one lucky dog.

  2. 2 Hugh Jackman

    Hugh and Dali seem inseparable!

  3. 3 Hilary Duff

    In Hilary's case the so called resemblance between a dog and its owner is obvious. Hilary and Beau - both blond and cute!

  4. 4 John Legend

    Ok, we admit John Legend's stylish but, God, look at Pippa's necklace!

  5. 5 Lady Gaga

    With all of Gaga's transformations, does Asia recognize her every time? 

  6. 6 Reese Witherspoon

    Reese's Pepper is such a beautiful Frenchie, I bet he's got her eyes!

  7. 7 Denise Richards

  8. 8 Ashley Olsen

    Cargo looks heavier than a suitcase. However, it seems he's precious enough for the Olsen sister to only bring him through the airport.

  9. 9 Leonardo Di Caprio


    Leo seems to be a real Frenchie lover, as Django is not his first French puppy. They do look adorable together!

  10. 10

    Yes, we do know this is not her real life dog, but the connection between Stella the French Bulldog and Gloria the Colombian hottie is worth the mention. All the "Modern Family" fans sure remember that episode when Gloria jumped in the pool all dressed up to save the dog she doesn't even like.

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